In The Name Of GOD

Samen Industrial Group (SIG) was established in 1987 with the assistance and support of a group of highly competent and experienced engineers. Since then, SIG has participated in a wide range of engineering activities and has gained great achievement in this regard. SIG is active in engineering design, supervision, and management of various developmental and industrial projects. Our competent highly motivated and creative employees’ unique potentials and capabilities for SIG Companies. These capabilities have attracted the attention of many clients to work with this well-recognized and prestigious company. In reality, SIG is a combination of potential and background of over 30 companies active in different fields of Oil, Gas and petrochemical plants, construction, i.e. buildings, industrial complexes, transportation facilities, power industries and many others. Upon the implementation of large projects, SIG has rapidly developed itself and has now become a leading specialist in ports and harbors and shipbuilding industries. We also have a number of technologies for multiplying oil and gas products. Like Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and well-simulating techniques, such as acidizing, developed purposefully taking into account of the individual terms of specifics geotechnical conditions of deposits. In addition, we could gain a good market condition in Iran, Arab countries and CIS markets such as Russia and Turkmenistan and etc. We also have different branches in those countries. At present time, relying on valuable experiences and qualified employees, SIG is looking forward to participating in international projects and focuses on attaining global recognition in providing reliable services and added value for clients.
SIG is committed to maximizing the satisfaction of its client and every effort is made to increase the flexibility of the group in regard to the terms of its interaction with customers. Minimizing the damages to the living environment and commitment to the security of the employees are among the principles of the company and compatibility of the design with depth measures in always carefully considered in SIG's project designs.

Some Of Our Main Activities Are Mentioned as Follow.

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