Sunday, February 18, 2018
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   Oil & Gas Departments


Along with development of modern technologies during the recent years, including towards energy related activities has increased to a great extent. Nevertheless, Major part of energy is yet supplied by fossil, oil and gas. Establishment of oil and gas department in Samen Industrial Group is based on the role and importance of oil industry in the country. Has created a favorable condition for this department to make great progress in related field. Oil & Gas Department in SIG is considered as the symbol of development in engineering services in SIG Group. Benefiting from advanced technology and valuable experiences in the field of onshore, and coastal activities and also highly experienced and dedicated experts, guarantee the success in the department. National project of Mahshahr Oil Export Port development is one of the most major projects being carried out by the Oil and Gas Department in SIG


Fields of Work:

             ·    Feasibility studies of oil, gas, and energy projects

             ·    Design of oil and gas pipelines, reservoir, desalination facilities
            and power plants system and equipment

             ·    Oil and gas safety projects

             ·    Technical and economic evaluation of oil, gas, and energy projects

             ·    Planning and consulting CHP projects

             ·    Energy protection studies

             ·    Study of energy consumption optimization, radiation, and dispersion

             ·    Planning the system of energy supply and transfer

             ·    Consulting the simulation of energy static and dynamic conditions



List of Major Projects:

      PMC of Milandoab Petrochemical

      PMC of Qeshm refinery

      Tombak development master plan

       Mahshahr oil Export Terminal revamping

       Feasibility studies of developing CHP systems in oil industry

       Feasibility of passing facilities from Urmia Lake Causeway

       Biogas development feasibility study in Khozestan Province

title-left oil & gas department title-right